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How to get 300GB FREE data on MTN Network

How to get 300GB FREE data on MTN Network

By John Aigbehi

Today, I am going to show you how I got 300GB FREE data from MTN network. Please note that this is not a cheat but a legitimate way and was approved by MTN.
Though you cannot get the data at once, but you can accumulate it as I did and I am currently enjoying it. You can even get up-to to 500GB or 1TB Free MTN data if you wish. Just read carefully through this post without skipping.
There is a FREE 30GB data offer for all MTN users but it is through the MTN MiFi. Don’t worry, I am going to show you how to get the data on your Android phone and browse as you like.
All you need to do is tweak your phone IMEI number to that of the MiFi and you get your FREE 30GB which you can accumulate up to 300GB or more. Just follow the steps below, properly.

What is required to get 300GB FREE data on MTN Network:

1. MTN SIM Card (New one is recommended)
2. Android smartphone device (Android version 5.0 or 6 is recommended)
3. IMEI tweaking app like CHAMELEON or MTK ENGINEERING TOOL. You can download it from Google play store.
4. MiFi IMEI. Don’t worry, I’ll give you IMEI to use below. Just keep reading.
NOTE: If you don’t know how to use the above apps to tweak your IMEI, you can download them and use the help section in the app or possibly search Google on “How to Change IMEI Number on Android phones”.

How To Activate the 300GB Mtn Free Data:

1. Pick up a valid IMEI number from the list of IMEI numbers below.
2. Go to the app you just downloaded from Google Play Store; whether Chameleon or MTK Engineering Tool.
3. Open the Chameleon or MTK Engineering Tool and input any of the IMEI number (you can pick randomly from the list below).
4. Analyse the IMEI and change the last four digits of the IMEI to any number before tweaking.
5. Input the IMEI in the space provided on the Chameleon or MTK Engineering app.
6. After that turn on your phone Airplane Mode and switch it on back. Or simply restart your phone.
7. When your phone network comes up, dial *#06# to know if your IMEI has changed. If you are using a double SIM phone, you can do it on either SIM 1 or SIM 2 – it’s all the same.
8. If you have successfully tweaked the IMEI, go to your phone message (SMS) and send MIFI to 131.
9. If your IMEI is valid, you will get a successful message as follows: “Thank you for purchasing MTN MiFi device. You have received FREE 30GB data expires 30/05/2020 03:37:54. You are also qualified for 100% bonus on data bundles from N1000 to N500”.
How to get 300GB FREE data on MTN Network 1
NOTE: You can use the data anywhere to browse; whether on your smartphone, tablet, modem, MiFi, etc. To change your IMEI back to your normal phone one, follow the same procedure.