How to Use your Android Mobile Phone as a Home Security Camera (CCTV) Without Internet

In this tutorial today, I will show you guide on how to use your Android phone as a home CCTV/security camera
Material you need to have 2 Android’s phone created from 2010 up-to-date.
use one of the phone to download an application in the play store, in the search bar type BLUETOOTH VIDEO STREAMING
>>>> You’ll see an application like this one download it and install it on your phone
>>> After you’ve successfully download the app and install it on your phone, send it to another phone you want to use
Note: As you know that CCTV camera must have two applications the one will record/Livestream a video and the other one will stand as your viewing television.
>>>>So now you have your two mobile phone and installed apps in both phones
>>>>Open the application in both two mobile phone
Note: there’s two options
1. Send
2. Receive
>>>> Press send on the phone you want to record/Livestream the video
>>>> Press receive in the phone you want to receive/whatch a livestreamed video
>>>> Press allow on both phones to allow the Bluetooth to connect.
From there the two mobile phone will connect in which the Livestream phone will record a video and send it to the receiving phone.
Benefits:- The application has The ability to send you the video to a distance of 300 metres or more and it’s free application.
I have tested it to be working and has no much advertisement on it.
You are not in need of internet connection to Livestream your videos.


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